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After-sales service - commercial civilization


After-sales service - commercial civilization
At a time that customer satisfaction has a growing voice,
Customer care can become a "cure" for many business
genuine business in Vietnam.
_Su Customer satisfaction on post-service is a top priority of Shengli pool
 service policy
. It is the reason at saoThang Loi pool the best customer service after the sale.
Thang Loi pool meet after-sales services such as: mode of care and after-sales
product warranty, maintenance mode device according to the manufacturer's standards,
replacement parts and genuine spare parts with preferential price.
Product Warranty is: fix the failures,
technical problems occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer.
Warranty conditions:
Products will be warranted if satisfies the following conditions:
Products during the warranty period at the time of
Full warranty information: the type of product, customer name, address, date of purchase.
Spoiled by the quality of components or technical errors in the production process.
The warranty of the product as soon as the service request.
Conditions are not covered for free:
Product is no longer in warranty period.
Cabinets and supplied accessories not enjoy free warranty
Products damaged due to external elements such as: natural disasters, floods, lightning,
fire, accident, there are signs of mold, rust, corrosion, oxidation ... misuse guide,
improper power source, tank cracks and bumps due to transportation, storage products are not good.
Product installation, maintenance, improper use guided of Shengli pool.
Products altered, repaired by technicians not Shengli pool
Products not purchased from official distribution system of beboihanoi.
Warranty card does not match the product, or shaving correct.
To be responsible for the goods and services your, Shengli pool committed
implementation technical support to customers for the system that
Thang Loi pool supply to mining operations and long-term system performance.
Thang Loi pool will provide a technical support team
highly qualified to perform the technical support with the highest efficiency.
Other forms of technical assistance:
By phone
Through yahoo
Other appropriate forms.
Along with efforts to provide our customers with high quality products,
Thang Loi pool always perfect after-sales service.
 further improve the quality of service
 improving professionalism in customer service
 Thang Loi pool appreciate the comments of customers
 considered as valuable sources of information to overcome the shortcomings exist.
Any comments, please contact:
Address: 174 Lane 40 Thanh Nhan, Taurus, Hai Ba Trung District
 Tel: (04) - 0972.679.33 - Hotline: 0972,679,333
Email: beboithangloi @ gm
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Thanh toán
Hỗ trợ trực tuyến
0972 679 333
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024 6291 7687
0901 679 333
0972 679 333
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028 22 679 333
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