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Construction technology and design standard pool
Supervising consultant pool construction , pool design consultant Professional
First of JSC Construction and installation of pool Shengli please send our warmest greetings to you . Wishing you a healthy , happy , young and successful in life
- With nearly 10 years of operation in the field of swimming pool construction supervision consultant pool , pool design , supply , installation , maintenance and construction equipment technology pool , play pool , family pool , public pools for hotels , resorts , schools , hospitals , sport centers , business parks , luxury condominiums , high rise buildings tang.vv We will bring the most satisfaction to customers
In our country today, there are many who can not swim , this number can be up to 80-90 % of the population . Swimming is one of the methods of physical training is suitable for all ages , gender , giving people an essential skill to master nature , water.
pool in the school campus
On the other hand , swimming is not only sporting activities but also mean relaxing , entertaining and expand relations , social interaction . So swim is a necessity for all classes of people , especially young people and children . The development of swimming movement is reducing the proportion of children drown each year creates wholeness of the word "Blessed " in each family . Along with recreational swimming needs increasing , numerous pool construction project is done from the national projects like the water sports center , pool competitions national parks leisure pool to serve public kinds of family pool .
Swimming pool in the recreation TimeCity
However, any project not really promote effective economic and social . Construction investment pool is a complex problem requiring investors to have full information about many areas before making a final decision . JSC Construction and installation of swimming pools months' loss to cooperate with professionals has extensive experience in the field of consultancy , design , construction , installation , technology transfer for the construction of swimming pools, water park work . For the construction investment pool to achieve the highest efficiency , avoid unnecessary waste , properly serve each specific audience . We are pleased to advise the necessary information for an investment project to build a pool.
I. Socialization pool construction
According to the policy of the Party and the Government should enhance the socialization of investment in the construction of sports facilities especially the swimming pool issues - attracted many types of strata . As we all know , our country has many lakes, rivers, interlaced system , frequent floods . Every year, hundreds of cases of drowning extremely pitiful . So the Party and government have advocated universal swimming in schools , ward ... is absolutely correct . But to implement this policy , it is a pressing problem of our society . As tens of thousands of such schools where they would be taken ? This headache Ministry of Education and Training , Sports Commission and the authorities for years .
pool design - Gia Lam gymnasiums
                                                The competition pool Gia Lam
To find a way to resolve this issue we focus with the Association of water sports , high performance sports Department met several times and agreed goals set out some suggestions calling for community participation in early for children from including the cooperation of the Bank. Expected pilot schemes call for investment in the big city before because there is much more potential ...
II . The type of pool - Some basic requirements when building pool
 1 . Develop pool for kindergarten
- The swimming lessons for children kindergarten is necessary issues and rewarding . We should create swimming pools, simply saying, let me be acquainted with the country . Through the water like a fun exercise sessions help children eat , sleep better practical to improve the health of children . Results of experimental kindergarten Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh , Hanoi has indicated this . Leveraging a deep 25cm rong100m2 yard , the teacher filled with water pump and each week the children were taking turns to splash 2 times for 30 minutes . After 1 month the rate of sick leave by 50% . This forced me to eat all meals reduced 70 % . In particular , the splash class students , the girls always have to add rice to the diet of the children .
pool building preschools nightingale 1
pool building preschools nightingale 2
- With typical features are play areas for children should ask about the shape and decoration to attract young attractive . One point to note is the pool kindergarten how the overall architecture suitable to adorn more for school children . With a pool of kindergarten , the minimum required area of 50m2 . Max also need to 100m2 ( approximately 10m - 12.5m , width about 8m - 10m ) , it is best to simplify .
pool building preschools Shower 1
Swimming pool is just where the baby can comfortably puck countries , both as a playground for children
pool building preschools Shower 2
There are stairs up to the kid down easily
Working - floor brick slip groove or slot . Placement pool must be relatively airtight and have more sunlight . The depth of the pool should be between 0.4m - 0.6m is most reasonable . The use of this kind of gutter overflow in this pool is not necessary because the child was young foot fall prone to hurting children so should only use skimmer ( surface floating litter box cottage ) .
- Children are very sensitive subjects and vulnerable skin and especially the eyes of the child so the water quality is a top priority when designing filtration systems and water treatment . Typically filtering capacity for adult pool is 4 hours - 6 am , the entire country through the filter 1 type of pool is 2h/lan kindergarten .
pool building preschools dawn 1
pool preschool dawn 2
- In the case where many children are divided into several cases to swim if conditions do not permit roofing can use sun screens stretched across two columns in two early morning last tank to the east while the west side is the shade from the sun for me .
- Construction cost pool ( see last section details ) .
2 . Develop pool for primary schools
- The school can and should organize swimming lessons for children of primary school age . But for students from class 3 , class 4 , class 5 grandchildren simpler class 1 , class 2 . If the children have felt the sinking buoyancy characteristics of water , only a teacher can teach a group of students from 15-20 children but not so hard . In elementary school children were relatively large , and often very crowded schools and students to share so many cases necessarily covered for summer sun 15h from 9am to swim when the sun will be vulnerable .
pool building schools Ngo Gia Tu
- Swimming pool at the elementary school , the depth from 0.8m - 1.2m is just right. The area from 150m2 - 300m2 tank ( length and width is 10m x 12.5mx 15m or 25m ) is guaranteed to learn to swim and swim . in large cities , often elementary school students all day , if the school has a swimming pool is a big advantage to attract students . At that , the organization had been done swimming lessons in a basically correct processes will have a positive effect on the health of students and wisdom .
pool players virtue elementary school
- At the age of students in grades 3 , 4 , 5 qualities of sport began to be evident . The school and swimming lessons will help schools and industries Sports training early detection and the talent they bring honor to the school and local .
swimming lessons for elementary school students
- The children of lower secondary students were aware of the dangers of depth as well as conscious obedience teacher . Because this time the children grew , the need to organize regular competitions take swim test by swimming pools popular ... so there should be sized in accordance with the provisions of the sports industry . - The most suitable tank size is 12.5mx 25m - 17,5 m x 25m or 25m x 50m ( if possible) with a depth of 1m - 1.4m .
3 . Develop pool for secondary schools
pool of high school in Japan
- For high school students have quite a height at this age to develop the qualities of health and athletic ability in children has been revealed clear . So can completely pool design , pool construction according to the specified size of the fitness industry thao.Tuy course , for convenient reference need some suggestions below.
III . The new technology in building pool
1 . The construction technology bottomless pool of U.S.
This technology people just build walls around about 1.2 m high . Haystack of golden sand poured down swinging around 1m depth obtained upon request from the outside design . Spraying water on the surface to cement in the construction process when stepping on the sand surface is not convex and concave . Then use PVC sheets Polyester Lining - Flag for the pool and the pool bottom . The biggest advantage of this type of technology is very fast construction time , low construction costs , usually applied to special areas of geological stability , the mainland territory has a high coefficient . The downside to shift underground tank bottom will be deformed or broken but the construction is extremely simple , cost negligible . When flooding if the water off the bottom of the tank will be shifted to peel pads to make the PVC bottom . This is consistent with the type of upland flooding and never require a good water treatment to remove restrictions to water , change the water . The cost of a pool of about 500m2 is used in this technology is about 400,000,000 - 450.000.000VND (including building tanks , water purification equipment , pool walls and floor coverings ) .
2.Cong Spei steel tank technology into Italy or Myrtha Pool
This technology uses a tank modular stainless steel or galvanized steel manufacturers are making available . Method of application of this technology is quite simple : after concreting requirements haystack broader range 700 - 1,200 mm ( depending on the area of ​​the tank to small ) were conducted on the modules assembled into pools by steel , complete installation of PVC sheets and bottom of the tank . With time the family pool construction concrete floor and assembled into pools of about 05 days , installing PVC Polyester Lining - Flag pool and water treatment equipment within 2 days . With such a large pool of 25m x 50m competition pool construction time and bottom of the tank for about 10 days , time sheets and fitted with an additional 8 days . Within 18-20 days can be put to use . Thus, this technology has the advantage of fast execution , high work life of 30 - 50 years . Another advantage is the ability to reuse the need to move the tank changes by placement cost is only removable modules into the old tank put in place reinforced concrete bottom pool ( concrete ) and replace it with a new buried pipe section . In Vietnam, this kind of technology applied tank assembly for water sports area - American DinhSEAGAME 2003 Ngoc Khanh public pools .
3 . Pools Technology into plastic panels , concrete Seamless Jean Desjoyau
This technology uses panels ( plastic ) as a permanent formwork tank then proceed monolithic pouring concrete for the pool walls and floor . Within 24 hours after installation can proceed PVC Polyester Lining - Flagpool completed . The advantage of this technology is very fast as construction technology into steel tanks . The downside is dependent , mandatory use of original equipment filter ( can not use the equipment of other vendors ) , cost 3 to 4 times higher filtration equipment of other vendors have equivalent power .
4 . The construction technology available pool assembled Spei - Italy
Apart from a small multi mount technology steel tank fitted a different technology popular in Europe due to the company Spei - Italian invention. This type of tank consists of prefabricated steel frame and PVC Polyester Lining - Flagpool in several standard sizes . This type of tank is very light weight structure itself is almost negligible . Assembly time is only 1-2 hours and can move very simple . This type of tank can be placed on the terrace , in the garden , the yard just have relatively flat ground without even concrete can be placed directly on the soil surface or ground natural grass . Good use of time from 5 to 10 years . This is the very best technology by Vietnamese tanks do not need to build , can be used immediately , easily move the location of the tank , can even fold up when not in use . The principal object using this type of tank is fitted for families , schools , resorts without any design or no decision will definitely put a fixed pool somewhere . It can meet the urgent needs to use the house as a foreigner rent they require pool . The hotels want to cater to the conditions but load -bearing structures on the roof is not enough to make a concrete tank .
IV . Concrete Pools - Issues to consider when building pool
1 . Bearing structure of reinforced concrete tank
Structural design problem pool is always controversial when building models of tank load . In recent years there have been many models preloading and different calculation methods used and results obtained are also very different . In the present system VN bearing structures of the kind of pool types , especially large competition pool occupies a relatively large proportion of economic construction cost estimates of this sort by the system fully reinforced foundations forced to use very expensive pile . Currently, in the world especially in European countries like France , Italy ... are using a computational model for structural concrete tank or quite meet the standard XD and technical safety factor of the tank and especially economic effect that it will make it simple structural tank construction , absolutely no need to use pressure pile . We are pleased to set out below an example of this calculation method for reference and apply :
For example :
- A ~ 2 tan/m2 2m deep pool - the water pressure to the bottom of 2.000kg / 10.000cm2 = 0.2 kg/cm2 .
- Concrete floor beams calculated dividing the average anti- tank screw 0,3 m
( 750 kg cm2 pressure = 0.075 kg/cm2 750/10.000 bottom .
- Total pressure on the land is : 0.2 + 0.075 = 0.275 kg/cm2 x 1.3 safety factor = 0.358 kg/cm2 .
So 0.358 kg/cm2 pressure was more than enough land safety without any public deposit .
In fact in VN , there were some pools that have been built have designed this tank model used successfully by structural calculations on pool Vo Exhibition , La Thanh hotel pool .. . A second point to note is that this tank will be constructed on soft ground ( land reclamation ponds ) in ground pressure of 0.36 kg/cm2 only two places that are not used to measure reinforcing the foundation piles . So far , after put into use almost 6 year when we examine the survey found the 2 pools on absolutely no difference subsidence incident occurred. According to the experience gained after the design and construction of pool 2 on , to completely eliminate the slightest incident can happen we usually wider bottom design of the tank from 0.5 - 1 0m to the safety and anti- bias settlement , award a bottom layer of sand 0.5 m elastic cushions . Anti subsidence pool , when we compute the design water line blocks with concrete cover thousands of tons equivalent so badly. In fact, that weight is spread out over the entire bottom surface should be almost negligible . If we apply this methodology we save billions of coins pile foundation . There are pools as in Dong Thap province alone was enough money pile foundation funding to build us a pool national standards . Besides the anti- anti- matter propulsion subsidence well to note also of interest because there is some work to remove water when cleaning tanks pushed emerged .
For example : Noi Bai Industrial Park in Hanoi tanks pushed 67cm of the ground . To handle this problem it is now designed the system safety valve on 100m2 has a safety valve , this valve system works completely eliminate buoyancy force .
2 . Tiling pool
For years we often use glass tiles for tiling the pool . However, Vietnam still does not have tiles for use in swimming pools so still have to use the tiles for the kitchen , bathroom. The downside of this type of tile is very fast peeling , cracking place despite gel was dedicated . Currently the world pool tiling technology mainly used two main types :
- Specialty glass tiles : Pool size 10.5cm x 10.5cm ; 15cm x 15cm tiles vessels 2.5 mm - 3 mm . Because of small tiles but large brick circuit so difficult flaking almost cracked . advantage of the rich diversity of colors , can be decorated into vivid pictures . The downside is usually moss clinging to the brick so the circuits do sanitation relatively time consuming .
- Covering the bottom of the tank and PVC Polyester : Made from Polyester PVC used for finishing the inside surface of the tank . The advantage of this type of PVC sheets are absolutely waterproof , when punctured , torn countries still need to remove the bullet and is , shorter construction time than tiling with glass tiles , eliminate additives waterproofing of concrete unnecessary . Even when pitted concrete , cracked to 15mm and do not water loss , not affecting the use of an exploit . Often times the use of this type of sheets from 20-25 years . Another feature that can be decorated by printing on different types of decorative sheets . In the world today , there are many kinds of quality sheets but there are relatively large differences due to the different characteristics of each product . One can select products suitable for the conditions in Vietnam which is kind of Polyester PVC sheets - Flagpool of Italy. Type mats are manufactured using the most advanced technology of the world today : anti- tear fiber mesh layer and is handled completely non-toxic , anti- sonar external adverse impact on the human brain used when diving in the pool , have UV protective coating and UV protection against aging under the sun is very suitable for the climatic conditions in the harsh summer sun Vietnam . Price of this product is reasonable about 489,000 VND/m2 perfect , especially for color plus 10-20 % in price . This product is genuine warranty and 10 year period of use is 20-25 years . With the family pool , pool or pool business can put children in such a vivid picture of the truth. Paintings , prints at the bottom of the tank or to order about 1.800.000d - 2.000.000d/m2 . Polyester PVC pads - Flag pool currently used for most of the pools in the world thanks to the advantages mentioned above . In Hanoi , more than 20 new public swimming pool construction from 2000 to present , up to 16 tanks using PVC Polyester Lining - Flag pool . And the family pool almost 90% of the material used .
V. filtration system and water treatment of swimming pool
1 . The concept of water purification systems
Because the water in swimming pools daily inspiration to dust from flying apart into , angry hate swimming emitted by the water very quickly so dull . Furthermore, the organic matter excreted by humans during swimming is very good conditions for algae , bacteria growth . The filtration and water treatment to retain residue and algae . Since ancient times , people have to use sand to filter river water , lake before going into use .
Department of Sport Hai Duong is an example : Until August 2004 it still uses this method to club swimming pool diving Kieu . It is built of sand and 3 tank effluent pump water from the city of sand that filtered through 3 tanks before being used tank . After a few days of cloudy water they do use alum bottom sediment type and smoking outside. In fact this method is very dangerous for the skin , the eyes and childhood intestinal disease , such as if playing drinking . But with her ​​distant city or poor rural areas , still have daily swimming in rivers and ponds of stagnant water , the method is also somewhat reduce accidents ( This is also flaunt achievements . Numerous public projects worth hundreds of billion they sought recourse capital , is built of . , but a few hundred million filters to protect the health of the child " generation of our future " , the year and there are dozens who cares ) . Equipment types of water purifiers available : Membrane Filter cloth , filter core fiber , paper and centrifugal filtration method but common and easy to use sand filter is still the best . In addition to its ability to better filter has the ability to cause the precipitation of impurities . When the smaller particle suspensions 30mμ crept through deep sand floor creates friction charged , when they themselves suck out the tank tightly together to form larger particles and sand filter next time will be blocked .
Attached to the filtration system is the system automatically adjusts the pH and chlorine levels in the water . The downside of this system is to use very pure chemicals . If no rule is only a few months , fire pumps while pure chemicals 10 times more expensive than common chemicals . Economic conditions our country can hardly be used for mass . So many units after installation of this equipment does not dare to use because if you use this system is only a few months left to go is a waste . However can be overcome by : chemicals in container prior to use mixer beat thoroughly , and used to melt stainless steel mesh filter carefully .
2 . Principles of design water purification systems
A basic principle to keep in mind when designing the agricultural water pushed in from the beginning and started smoking from deep and is arranged so that maximum advantage filtering capacity . Many tank top on and push the nozzle too close to the water after it is filtered and put into tanks of purification was turned on while the filter dirty water pools that sit in the corner just vicious in the tank. Sand Filter has two types: high quality and 30m3/h/m2 50m3/h/m2 common type ( the same volume of water through the filtration area as big as efficiently filter ) . Most pool Vietnam are kinds 50m3/h/m2 used for device costs only 0.75% of the price of high quality filtration equipment 30m3/h/m2 .
2.1 . Calculation capacity water purification equipment
Requirements of filters is from 4 to 6 hours in an entire country should be run through the filter 1 time . Time running water in the tank through the filter shorter the possibility of water damage occurs less dramatically and the cost of water treatment chemicals as low . The calculation of the capacity for appropriate filtering devices rely on a number of basic principles :
- Large surface area - outdoor pool - pool very crowded business of substandard water as much lime scale , metal ... 4h/lan time not exceeding 0.4 even shallow pools - 0.6 m and where many wind dust filter should 2h/lan time .
- Swimming in the house - at the pool - good water - chemicals used full time can filter up to 8h/lan .
water purification equipment including pool pumps and water filters
                                      Ministry of pool water purification equipment
2.2 . The formula filters
1 - Determine the volume of water filtration needs .
2 - Select the type of refinery has a capacity accordingly.
3 - Determination of circulating filtration time .
4 - Determine the number of filters required using the formula
= Number of machine tank : Hours circulation filter : Refinery Capacity
For example :
A pool of 25m x 50m x 2m = 2.500m3 water
Select the type of filter 125m3 / h filtration time 4h/lan
2.500m3 : 4h = 625m3 / h : 125m3/h/may = 5 refinery 125m3 / h
Use a filter 60m3 / h filtration time 8h/lan
2.500m3 : 8h : 60m3 / h = 7may filter 60m3 / h .
Note: For public swimming pools to choose suitable refinery capacity and minimal use of two or more machines , the first machine malfunction can still work temporarily while awaiting repairs .
The methods of water disinfection
Chlorine Analyzer 3.1 from salt
This device is very convenient because just pouring salt into the tank , the machine will automatically separating chlorine and sodium , salt and chlorine will kill bacteria and algae in the pipe when running . In an integrated them into salt precipitates . This type can only be used with an indoor pool . With an outdoor pool chlorine evaporates very strong in the country finally leaving only sodium is harmful for teeth and body . Even an indoor pool and 2 months to change the water once . This device does not match the limestone waters in the North .
3.2 Disinfection by ION
This method is very convenient and also cost very low daily because when the water runs through a silver bar and a bar of copper ions liberated by a direct current . Silver kills bacteria , and kill algae . But every week is to use 3 times in the evening chlorine to kill algae or bacteria in case of not killing off the ION . This is a new sterilization method is very effective but has not been applied in Vietnam .
3.3 Ozone disinfection method
Ozone disinfection method is highly effective , the daily fee is not significant but the initial investment cost is very high , the device operation is relatively complex and slightly fishy smell OZONE be less popular .
ozone disinfection machine
3.4 Method of disinfection with ultraviolet light
This method is very effective but rarely used for installation design is relatively complex and high risk of steam power .
3.5 Method of disinfection with chlorine
This is the method most commonly used , although any plans can not always leave it be , but still must be combined . Cons heavy smell but convenience is just learning to be able to know and use basic chemicals everywhere . Measures that the current administration or application that uses 65 % less chlorine levels to reduce costs , only if required to use a new type of 95 % or higher purity .
The selection of sterilization methods we also need to refer to the expert advice to suit individual needs and water quality factors of each locality . But please note : The world is still using this method is the treatment even in daily life .
4 . Operation filtration systems and water treatment
- Every day for the water to run through the filter in the tank 1 to 2 times depending on the number of people swimming more or less . Even if it did not rain long but now rain down , even if very few people still have to filter water swimming 2 times , to make sure the water did not break down unexpectedly . Many times in just 01 days , the water is clear blue , then switch to handle time-consuming and costly .
- Every week should take 1 day to thoroughly clean the tank . For example, on Sunday evening to close early and put more chlorine as directed by the consultant . The aim is to kill all the algae were greasy with chlorine . To leave Monday morning for cleaning swimming pools walls and floor thoroughly . In the afternoon around 3 - 4 hours this time chlorine has less evaporation can swim normally. Doing it this way is not afraid of water suddenly broken .
- When water suddenly turned down dark green if 24/24h refinery runs also not effective because the growth rate of algae higher filtration rate . To handle this problem we can use two ways :
Method 1 : Use chlorine acceleration than 3-5 times normal until the water in the tank , the only gold . Run filter continuously , after 6 - 8 hours in the water will gradually return . After 12 - 18 h in green as the new country . But before putting them into use , check the chlorine residual standards allow . This usage is lower than the cost of a new water change .
Method 2 : Use PACn and Aronfloc . How do PACn 5/trieu rate 5 kg of water soluble 1000m3 with 50 liters of water are sprayed onto the tank or use a small hose to flow from the nozzle from the tank . Idle through approximately 1.5 h filtered down to Aronfloc 2/trieu 1000m3/2kg rate . Use 500vong/phut stirrer speed of about 20 liters of water for at first, then slowly pour into Aronfloc , just stir just pour more water just about 200lit water then stir continuously for 2 hours . After putting the tank PACvao about 1.5 h , poured slowly into the tank Aronfloc skills to beat the machine running again next 2h shutdown completely. After 4 hours the entire moss are impurities settle to the bottom tank . Now just vacuum residue pump sucks out impurities . Then check chlorine and pH levels that can be used normally. This saves on costs by 5-10 times more and you will be amazed to see water in it.
VI . Sheds Pool
Status of the current pool in Vietnam
The particular public swimming pool and pool competitions in Vietnam in general are pretty big investment but not high performance . With time activities : from 6am - 9am morning , afternoon from 16h - 21h , a total of 8 hours daily . Over a period of 7 hours from 9am - 16h tank almost no visitors due to the sun , the training of the athletes swim so well that a lot of restrictions , the new cool now may be the practice had crowded to swim , so the business and practice needs is conflicted about time .
Currently, the Ministry of Education and Training has taken up swimming a sport at the medical school but could not be done because if the rental pool in the sun now less crowded and not enough funding suit time to go to school , if rent is too sunny primetime . Moreover, the students parents fear their children are feeling sunny , tanned , dark -skinned ugly .
The type of roof and provide effective
Thanks undercover capacity of pool activities increased from 8 to 15 hours daily , increase business efficiency is 50-60 % compared to the previous . Rainy days can still be active . Minimizing the suntan for most athletes is the female athlete and swimmer art . Thus the conditional achievement will rise very high . Currently there are several pool roof but have not achieved the desired effect . Corrugated roofing pool is limited , but walking on sunshine coast is very hot due to heat absorption sheet up to 6 º C - 7 ° C but cold pool water not absorbed by the sun . So , if the roof is corrugated October has been cold to swim in May and can swim ( pool can not be used from 6-7 months ) . The temperature difference between the coast and the large underwater prone to cold , more rain pounding resonance makes very loud noise .
The Composite roofing shingles and light but due to the fiberglass to increase surface hardness makes rough combustible dust should only be a very time smudgy look no feeling clean and classy . Furthermore this material warranty period is still short and tanned swimmer .
To overcome the above drawbacks , roof pool , are commonly used today are " intelligent Slate " . The advantages of using roofing Smart is :
- Our products are made from high- molecular structure - Polycacbonate resin : a high-tech plastic products unique combination of advanced features on physico-chemical , optical , thermal , acoustic ... The this flexible product suitable for many engineering applications . With optical properties and withstand the hard knocks of this product is the real candidates applied for mass replacing tin roof , glass partitions . Group Polycacbonate products are manufactured with an extensive range of thick and thin many different colors can be applied to most types of work .
- Due to the reflective layer UV swimmers should not be excluded tanned and bronzed skin cancer . This is important because many female athletes are talented family withdrew from the team due to his fear of the dark , bad . Least well-off families , not the full concept devoted to national sports background . UV reflective layer limit the decomposition of chlorine thus saving the amount of chemicals used daily .
- Roofing manufactured insulation high temperature so when it rains more noise reduction roofing , the coach was not hot when traveling on tanks . Therefore, training is more positive . Currently, many coaches sit around in the shade timer, follow the road less travel to swim hearted guidance for athletes .
- Slate is capable of intelligent high light transmission from 25-88 % depending on the color. Therefore a certain amount of light passing through the water creating lakes partially absorbed heat to the temperature difference between pool water with little outside air , limiting phenomenon as the cold pool roofing sheet ( standing on the shore very hot due to the heat absorbing roof but under cold lake ) ...
- With heated swimming pool this material also works to create the greenhouse effect helps warm inside than outside 4 º C - 8 º C. It is noteworthy to pay attention to the hot air as it can be frustrating very uncomfortable in winter days but the muggy weather without wind .
Hint: There may be staggered roof spoiler open , shut off the cold wind , when hot oi open wing to escape the heat up on . Or use the form 4 with ventilation air vortex to minimize choking sensation , lack of air .
- Thanks to a covered swimming pool , so the pool business and training can double with no roof tanks ( from 5 am to 21h night ) . Normally from 9h to 16h few swimmers due to sun exposure. Thus economic efficiency increase 50 - 60 % while the cost of not investing in roofing quarter cost to build a pool .
- Smart Roofing has many colors , so it works a lot better , especially at night when the lights from the casts . This material can be bent so that the work can be expressed abundance of architectural shapes . Materials with very high intensity strength but lightweight at only 1/4 of corrugated roof should minimize heavy steel roof frame ( saving steel frame roof section ) . Slate has a glossy surface, so just rinse with water spray ball cleaning works like new again .
- Polycarbonate Roofing have time to use 30-50 year warranty and 10 years on the world of color as well as cracks , deformation . So far , most of the sports facilities in the world are using this material . The coaches and athletes to train and compete abroad have witnessed . With the prominent features on Vietnam , lopPolycarbonate sheet products have been introduced to a lot of work . At the forefront in the use of this material is durable pool sports training center in Thu Duc II National City . HCM , pool club senior officer HN Publicity Club of Long Bien District dolphin Tuan Chau - Ha Long ...
Being recognized as a professional unit in the field of design consultancy works including water sports , our aim when developing this document is to help managers , investors and designers established reference projects as experience gained while implementing our investment projects , design consultant works water sports . With this document , you have completely or design may require consultants to designers to consider what the point of the project for you . We are ready to assist you in designing , building and technology transfer for the treatment of pool ... when you need it.
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