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sanitary equipment pool


Maintenance Services, upgraded pool
To increase the life of the equipment and the pool, ensure stable system operation in order to meet the best way to use trading activities of clients in today's business environment; we bring Maintenance Service to customers - a type of professional technical services with service pack maintenance and technical support of high quality.
To service swimming pool maintenance, pool equipment We care our customers will be monthly and when unexpected problems occur we will have the right to remedy. Moreover, we will promptly advise the customer to minimize unexpected problems.
Types of maintenance services:
Periodic maintenance pool: Services to ensure stable system operation by inspection and periodic maintenance pool. Services are provided according to the contract signed between the company and customers. Customer pool system will be periodic maintenance contract. Content maintenance details will be agreed upon by the client's needs.
Pool maintenance as required: system maintenance services as required similar periodic system maintenance except the maintenance period is a time depending on the needs of the customer.
Your benefits when using this service pack:
Protection, minimize downtime of the equipment or the pool system, which can increase the productivity and profitability of our customers. Maximum savings for investment in equipment reserve. Security management system operating at peak performance. Enhance the value of used equipment pool, contributing to investment protection for customers in meeting the best usability and business.
                                                                                                                                                 Hotline: 0972.679.333
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