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swimming pool equipment


   JSC CONSTRUCTION & INSTALLATION Pool victory as a professional in the field of consultancy, design, supply, installation, maintenance, maintenance, construction and technology transfer in the areas of swimming pool equipment, swimming pool, swimming pool waterproofing, high-end tile pool, sauna technology equipment (sauna), steam technology equipment (Steam bath), jacuzzi equipment technology hydro massage bath (Jacuzzi), a jacuzzi tub collective Spa, bathroom automatic water jet technology equipment fountain art deco.
We have many years of experience in the installation & complete construction of the entire system equipment for amusement parks such as: Schools, hospitals, high-rise buildings, luxury apartments, parks Resort, sports, sauna massage, the hotel in Hanoi and some provinces in the country. Team of engineers, technicians of our company are trained in universities, technical colleges true professional and specialized.
With the ability to provide the services and products of professional equipment pool, jacuzzi, spa, sauna and massage, our company meets the requirements, from consultancy, design, supply installation of swimming pool equipment, swimming pool, sauna equipment, spa equipment based on the development experience has accumulated many years of engineers, architects, technical professional training at the legacy carriers European languages ​​bring true value used for customer
Through the experience summed up during the construction and implementation of hundreds of large and small across the three regions of the country have contributed to our motivation to serve customers on a better slogan: " Quality construction is the existence of survival of the company. " So we constantly improve the capacity, expertise, gain knowledge of the world's most advanced technology to meet the technical requirements, aesthetic, quality construction more customers to bring high-tech for your work.
Stock company pool construction and installation
    _ Office: 174 Lane 40 Thanh Nhan - Taurus-Q. Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.
    _ Headquarters Company: 41f, Lane 167, saints, P.Quynh Lei, Q. Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
 _ Tax code: 0106105316 -
 _ STK: 0701003383006 at An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank -
 GD Lo Duc branch Hanoi.
 _ Phone: 0485.89.89.23.
  _ Mobile: 0972.679.333
  _ Fax: 0435.642.488
_ Email:
_ Websize: ----
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Thanh toán
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0972 679 333
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024 6291 7687
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0972 679 333
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028 22 679 333
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